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Really not sure what the girl in the picture has to do with this deal, but thanks!


Just offhand, I hate the website. I can't even look at the content unless I enter my zipcode. And after that, they'll probably want my EMail address to give me a "free membership" or some such garbage.

I don't like "secret clubs," I don't like giving out my EMail address without very good reason, and I don't like the looks of this.


It also works if your total is more than $15. I got 2 of a $13 deal and it worked just peachy. Thanks!


@ crowbite

All you have to do is refresh the page (F5) once to skip the zip code thing.


Thank you for posting, just spent $10 for a $30 Gc to restaurant right near my house.


@crowbite: GMail offers free and discreet email addresses, and the offer is not limited to 1 per person. I advise that you open a new (secret) email account that has no connection to your current accounts.
Then you can join all the secret clubs you want without fear of...well, whatever it is you're afraid of I guess. Lizard people? Internet cooties maybe?