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$29 for a 60 watt bulb.......pass


450 Lumens are $11-$15.30, 800 Lumens are $20-$23, Where did you see $29?

Did you check retail prices for omni-directional, dimmable, 800 lumen LED bulbs recently? This is an awesome deal.

There's a Woot deal today for a 300 Lumens, directional, non-dimmable bulb for $10+shipping... the worst bulb on this deal is still 150% brighter, and Dimmable, and costs just $4 more with shipping.


I'm sorry no way am I paying over 20.00 for a dimmer bulb--don't care how green you are! I was ready to pay the amount for the bulb but then add the shipping and I just can't bring myself to pay 20 bucks for a light bulb.


@greenshopping: $23 + $5 shipping is $28 dollars for a 800 lumen bulb, that's how.


@greenshopping: Um, she was off by $1. Its $28 with shipping......I second that pass.


The Toshiba PAR30 800 lumens bulb sells for $54.16
The Phillips 12A19 800 lumens bulb sells for $44.10 (has only 3 years warranty)

These bulbs have a 5 year warrantly. It's not fair to look at the most expensive bulb and say that it's not a good deal. $15.30, for a dimmable 450 lumen bulb is a pretty good deal.


@greenshopping: No doubt....Anyone use this brand? I'm curious what you low can they dim reliably?

I'm thinking of picking up at least an 8 pack of 60watt replacements.


In for one!

I'd buy this dimmable 450 lumen for $15.30 over the $10 Pharox 300 lumen (non-dimmable) any day!


@justafreak: Here is more information:

The brand is Lighting Science Group, based in Florida
Product specs:
Warranty info:

The manufacturer says it is dimmable to 5% light output


the one that sells for $15.30 in this deal is very well rated on Amazon, sells for $19.99 there (retail claimed: $45)


Replaced all my incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs 2 years ago because my local city government said I would save money on my electric bill. What a lie!!! My electric bill didn't budge a penny. I'm going back to my incandescent bulbs.


looks like an ecosmart bulb sold at home depot and i believe it may be less expensive



You missed my point. I didn't say it wasn't a good deal for a dim able Led. I said there is no way in he'll I am paying $28 for a 13.5 watt 800 lumen bulb, when you can buy a 13 watt 900 lumen bulb for ~$1. Your using more electricity and getting less light. It makes no sense.

Don't bother starting a Mercury argument. My family has used CFL's for years and can't recall even replacing one, let alone throw one away. In these tough economic times, I am here looking for deals to save money. The cost of the bulbs themselves are astronomical and they are not saving me any electricity compared to the CFL's currently in place (13.5 watts as opposed to 13 watts), and offer less light (800 lumens as opposed to 900 lumens).

So, no. I do not consider this a deal in any way at all. Maybe in a few years if my current CFL's die and LED's are much more advanced and competively priced I'll then consider it, but for now it's just plain ridiculous.


@greenshopping: Thanks. I bought an 8 pack of the 800 lumen bulbs. Hoping the preform at least as well as the CFLs I will be replacing them with.


@lady26: The proceeds from these bulbs go to support highschool F.I.R.S.T. robotics teams. This is a fund-raiser. So not only are the offering these bulbs for a good price, but the money goes to a good cause as well.

Check here for more info on F.I.R.S.T.


They always say that LEDs are cheaper to manufacture, but I've yet to see it...


@rmsalt: Is that a joke? If your bill hasn't changed at all, then it's because your using more electricity elsewhere or are leaving the lights on all the time ( as opposed to shutting them off before when you thought it was costing you more with incandescents). Our family monitors the electric usage very closely to save money and have a fairly large home with ~20 fixtures and noticed a savings of ~$30 when we converted our entire home to 13 watt CFL's.

It's not a conspiracy. Buy an electricity usage monitor and see the difference in watt usage between a lamp with incandescent or cfl bulb. It can also be used to monitor electrical usage of any other appliance plugged in. Mine is of a different manufacturer but it serves the same purpose,

Here is a link:


@horkdoom: Our family has a fund too, and until it's satisfied money doesn't go to anyone else. Its called the clothe, feed and send my kids to college fund. Would you like to buy our $30/piece 200 lumen Wax candles? Its going to a good cause too, and is great for the environment. I also accept PayPal so it's convenient and you can feel safe to know it's going straight to our fund,


@lady26: Now you're just being belligerent.
I pointed out that, as others have stated, that this is a good deal for LEDs, and, in addition, the money is going to a good cause; educating high schoolers and getting them interested in sciences, programming and engineering.
My only gripe about this deal is that it is only to support one team, instead of F.I.R.S.T. as a whole. I'm going to get in contact with my old team, or one of the teams I mentored, and see if I can get these from them to support them directly.
If you don't want to buy the lights, noone is forcing you to buy them. If you want to complain about money go do it somewhere else and stop crapping all over the comment thread for this item.


Haha, anyone who buys these "green" bulbs are suckers. Just wait a year or so and get them retail for $2 and do your part then. Excuse, me I need to go now and change out all my 23 cent incandescent bulbs and throw the old ones in the landfill.


Does anybody know if these will work with a 3-way switch? The ceiling fans in our home are all controlled by 3-way light switches. I didn't find anything on the product website, so I'm assuming it won't work but wanted to check before passing on this deal.


Here's what irritates me the most: why should I care if this money is supposed to get high school students interested in math, science and engineering. Not my problem. Your problem.


These are currently $12.98 at Lowes and have slowly dropped from $19.98 earlier this year. 450 lumens. I got them several months back when they were on sale for $9.98. I'm happy with the performance. Item #: 33880|0&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dled%2Bbulbs%26page%3D2%26Ns%3Dp_product_price%7C0&facetInfo=


@horkdoom: hoo.

This is a deal site, not charity I'm here to save money and express my opinion for the deal, and you're damn right I won't buy, and just like I don't have to buy, you don't have to care about what I say,

Once again. This is no way cheaper or better than a $1 13 watt 900 lumen CFL. It's simple math. Now if you want to go and give your money to some group of kids somewhere. Go ahead. I'm still going to express my opinion on this and whatever other deals I come upon, good or bad.


@boiler90 LED's are getting cheaper to manufacture, but the LED's in incandescent replacements aren't normal LED's they are high output LED's, which in comparison use less energy than incandescent bulbs. They are getting cheaper to produce every year, pretty soon they'll be cheaper to make than CFL's with a higher efficiency ratio.

What's sad to see is all the negative comments about these bulbs, yes, they're expensive, and yeah, they aren't as bright as a common bulb. The difference is the $25-$50 a year you'll save on electricity, and the fact most incandescents last what? A couple years max, and less if you jostle them a lot. These are solid-state bulbs that will last the entire lifetime of the LED's which is approx 10 years for most. I go through a handfull of CFL's a year because they don't take temp change, or vibration very well, so LED lighting has pretty much replaced everything in my home.


Wonder how much administrative fees are? Something like 97 cents on the dollar?


@jlawrence: If your 3-way switches are of the normal kind (not computer controlled) then it will 100% work. if they are digital, then it should work, but I can't say 100%.


What is with all the vote downs on comments talking about people who bought these or similar bulbs? I though the vote down was given when someone gave bad information or was spamming, etc. My earlier comment about buying the 8 pack for example was voted down and I'm just curious why someone would do that?

Did I buy the 8 pack? Yes I did. Did I lie about the fact I'm replacing CFLs with LEDs? No I did not. Does me buying an LED bulb in some way offend you? IS that it? Seriously what's the deal?


@horkdoom: the proceeds from these bulbs are supporting more than one team. The team that is selling them gave 50% of the money to support teams that had to travel out-of-state for competitions last year, and this year they are giving most of the money to a non-profit that helps teachers and schools with creating and building teams all over Boston. Last year alone they created 3 new FLL teams and 2 new FTC teams.

They won the Inspire Award at World-Championships - in part for their gracious professionalism and community outreach work, including creating new teams and helping teams out.


@justafreak: What, are you going to cry now?


@lady26: I commented on the fact that for this specific product (that is LED lights) it is a good deal price-wise, and the money is going to a good place. You have made your opinion very well known and now are just trolling.

@pserpas: You're definitely trolling.


@jlawrence: There is no reason why any bulb wouldn't work with 3-way switches. From the bulb's frame of reference, it's either on or off, just like a regular switch.

Unless you are talking about using this in place of a "3-way" (i.e. 3 level) light bulb. In that case, no, it probably will not work. 3-way bulbs have a different base (same size, but 3 contacts instead of 2), and have two filaments that produce 3 levels of light (1. small filament ON, large filament OFF; 2. small OFF, large ON; and 3. both ON).


@greenshopping: Thanks for the update, what I had read on the sale page did not seem to indicate that.


@justafreak: Probably the same kind of people that down vote comments simply because they don't like their oppinion on the subject at hand.


@lady26: your $1 CFL have an average lifetime of 2 years, and take 5 minutes to warm-up. Not to mention that they contain Mercury and by law cannot be thrown out with regular trash/recycling.

I'm not trying to start a fight, just making sure you know about these issues with CFLs.

The CFLs that cost $1 today, used to cost $20 5 years ago. I'm sure these LED bulbs will be much cheaper in a couple of years, but this price is still a pretty good deal for where the market is today. All these $9 bulbs that people talk about are either half of the brightness of these or are non-dimmable...


@greenshopping: Thanks for the reply; They are standard 3-way switches. We currently have dimmable CFLs in the ceiling fans, but there is very little difference in light output at each stop point. In addition, at the two lower stop points, the fixture or bulbs produce a soft, high-pitch humming sound, so we've stopped using those stop points and stick to full on or off until we find a different bulb. CFLs now come in both dimmable and 3-way, but I didn't know that back when we made our purchase.

So based on your reply, can I assume that LEDs solve the 3-way vs dimmable difference, and one LED fits all?


@justafreak just a lot of hate, used to be less trolls on woot, everytime I look at the comments hoping to find information on what's being sold it's always people trying to derail the flow.

Anyways, these aren't that bad of bulbs, don't know what the commotion is all about, better than the $25 I paid for the par30 track light replacement bulbs I got earlier this year which were only 120 lumens.

On a side note I have to say I tend to enjoy the LED light spectrum better than CFL's, as CFL's often to me feel fake and sanitized, whereas newer LED's have a more natural response. So pricewise between the two, I don't feel so bad for getting LED's as it's really a comfort thing.



I have yet to replace a CFL in 3 years, and if they did all just happen to stop working today and every three years hereafter, At $30 a bulb, I can replace all my bulbs for the next 90 years.

Warmed up? Perhaps when they were introduced but not in the recent years, as my bulbs turn right on, are bright enough to our liking have no need to be warmed up.

Yes they were $20 back then, and I didn't buy CFL's when they were $20 each either, I bought them when they were $1.97 for a 4 pack because it was a good DEAL.

Once again, there is no way in hell I am replacing my ~$1 13 watt 900 lumen CFL for a $28 13.5 watt 800 lumen led.

It would be financially irresponsible for me to spend 30x as much for the bulb, spend more in electricity usage and receive 11% less light.

It's not an opinion it's a fact. It's simple math, not trolling.

I am a member of this site and will comment as I please. If you don't like it, then too bad.


@ressie: The only reason CFL's are so cheap now is because they are subsidized by the state you live in to promote the conversion. It won't be long before they cease to produce incandescents altogether, at which point CFL's will no longer be subsidized and the prices will increase significantly.

By that time LED's should be much more advanced and much more competively priced to the new CFL prices.


@rmsalt: Has your kw/hr stayed the same over that two year period? Can you track your consumption over that period? They certainly use less watts...


@lady26: I use many CFLs and agree...for the most part they do fine. Where I've made the LED switch is in dimming lights. (even dimmable CFLs seem to give me trouble) and in my flood lights. I bought 150 watt equiv LED FLood lights and nothing has ever been brighter. The rest of my house (with one halogen light in a ceiling fan is all CFL) and I like them very much.

I bought these particular LED's for a few bedroom lamps and a particular Hunter Ceiling fan that so far doesn't like any CFL I've tried. So I'm crossing my fingers these work well. If they do they are worth every penny.


Energy hogs
Incredibly low life (750-1000 hours)
Dirt cheap

The middle ground (8000-10000ish hours)
Comparing the cost of the bulb to the energy savings over an incandescent, the break-even point is measured in months but a bulb can last you a few years.

Very expensive currently, no doubt about that. But there is no reason a bulb can't last well over a decade. The power electronics inside the bulb will fail loooong before the actual LEDs. The LEDs never actually burn out. This product is claiming you get 50,000 hours until the light output is at 70%, and it'll just slowly drop from there.
The break-even point for a typical $30-$50 LED bulb is measured in years. Like, 6+ years.
This is a good deal for an LED, but CFLs are still the economical choice.

LEDs are currently undergoing the same revolution integrated circuits underwent several decades ago. They'll be as cheap as CFLs are now within 5-10 years with fantastic quality.


For those buying any LED bulb for a dimming application:

I spent quite a bit of my summer doing LED dimmer compatibility testing and I recommend paying close attention to the listed compatible dimmers at the product website
A lot of low-quality LEDs and especially those not dimming compatible (so not necessarily the bulbs in question) suffer from problems with some dimmers like flickering. A very common problem I found was that cheap rotary dimmers had a very high pop-on voltage, so you'd have to turn the dimmer way up and then rotate back to the lower setting you want.


@justafreak: I downvoted you for complaining about being downvoted. PWNED.


Whats the color temp of these?


i'm sorry unless there are 28 bulbs in here this is NOT a deal