dealsstar wars break-away cat collars for $4.99


@lmensor: I included the shipping information in my description.


@belyndag: When the deal was first posted last night, the price of the collars were not listed in the title or in the body, which is why I posted that. It was then modified and my comment looks out of place.


@lmensor: Good Heavens! I knew I was half-asleep when I posted this, but I didn't realize I was that negligent! Geez! Tired posting is rather like drunk texting, I guess. Sorry!


@belyndag: No worries, but you got a point about tired posting, I post mainly in the morning when I'm half asleep and all I can say is thank goodness for mods!! :)

I actually thought they would have deleted my comment after they fixed it, but nope.