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Does this work with different pairs of shoes or only with the same pair?

Ive tried with both combinations and it doesn't seem to work.


@drmedic: I tried it with different pairs of shoes as well as with the same pair, both worked for me. The lowest price shoe is the one that is free. Oh and apparently it only works with regular and sale priced items, NOT with clearance items.


Don't you normally get the second shoe free if you buy the first shoe?

/ obligatory


Even though it says that the items are eligible for the buy one get one free it still has the total as if I were paying for both of the shoes.. : /


Not working here either... Only receiving a 15% off discount.

Looks like only a select amount are part of the deal. I was going to buy some toddler shoes and if you look to the left under "Current Offers" there's a buy one get one option. When clicking this under the kids shoes section all that's available are slippers :/


i guess if you dont care about how your shoes look and you dont care if your feet hurt this might be considered a "deal."


Tell 'em about Kmart Ray... :)


Damn you...

for beating me...

to, it.



Sale is no longer active.