dealslogan's run [blu-ray] for $5.99 + free shipping


You don't have to die! No one has to die at 30! You could live! LIVE! Live, and grow old! I've seen it!


Just watched this recently on either Netflix or Prime Video. Forget which. Was actually a pretty cool movie. Hadn't seen it in years. Though for an advanced, peaceful society the Sandmen were remarkably brutal and bloodthirsty.


I haven't seen this in a while, but I still think of the plastic surgery machine gizmos. How cool would it be to hop into a machine that would whisk away wrinkles and saggy jaw lines?


An excellent Sci-Fi picture. One of the few films from the 70s/80s that I would like to see Hollywood redo, but WITHOUT changing any of the story.


Unavailable, Store pickup only.


These Fry's deals always claim free shipping but I've never seen one that isn't "store pickup" only.


"It's my freeze you!"

Classic sci fi.