dealsronco roes inside the shell electric egg…


Just another needless gadget to take up space in the kitchen...


How do you hard-boil the egg after scrambling it? Doesn't all the egg leak out the hole?



Will this work as a morning after pill?


now if someone decorated eggshells, this could be very handy to get the actual egg out of the shell. but, then, a nail can make the same sized hole, so, nevermind me.


@rrussell: I suspect that the now scrambled egg would all settle to the non-punctured end, allowing the egg to properly float with the hole facing upward.


@synergynt: Ooo. That's even scientific. You might be on to something!


@iluvmyritz: Depends on how you like your scrambled eggs.

Your options are:
- You can use this or crack the eggs in a bowl, whisk, then pour into a pan then clean up the bowl and whisk later.
- Crack the eggs into the pan and the mix but it creates a uneven white-yolk scrambled egg mixture.
- Use this, crack it into the pan and throw away the shells.

As for hard boiling it, it will be just like when the egg cracks when you're boiling it. Some of the egg will slip out but shortly after, the boiled egg parts will seal up the hole.