dealscall of duty: black ops ii for $39.99


Haven't seen it cheaper than this, and I doubt I will for a long time. Solid buy. I snagged it from Newegg earlier at this price, free shipping.

Pro-tip: be EXTRA careful not to move your Xbox when the disc is spinning. The circular scratch that ensues may not be news, but this game is particularly susceptible to it. My brother scratched his this way, and it would crash at the start-up movie every time. Took a trip to the local Family Video store to have it buffed out, now it works. Hope this tip helps.


This makes me wonder what amazon knows that we don't know about a new release or an even greater upcoming price drop.....

I bet the government is behind this.

adjusts foil hat

Regardless, my boyfriend would beat me with his gas mask if he found out I skipped a deal like this. In for one!!


PC gaming master race reporting in