dealsjumbo folding "pocket" knife (1.5ft) for $16.12…


Why with the Jumbo? I cannot figure it out. Something to do with Tuft university, living on hills, and jumbo things? IDK!!


@drspiffness: A key woot employee, JumboWoot, is leaving the company (along with a number of others) and someone suggested a Jumbo meme.


$16.92 now, but FREE 2-day shipping with my Amazon Prime account. Too good to pass this up!!!

I can't wait to put this in my back pocket, whip it out and tell my wife "That ain't a knoife, THIS is a knoife!"


@romeojn: No, it's still $16.12.. like I mentioned in the description, pick the Bud K option if you don't have Prime :)