deals2 pack of 300 lb. paracord bracelets for $5.99…


Wow, those are some heavy ass bracelets. I'd never be able to lift my arm, iif I was wearing one of those.


Nice and also My Two dads 10 Episode DVD - TV Flashback!!!! 2.99?! Lol


Be aware that this is not the usual 550lb test paracord that you would want in a survival situation. These are just "fashion", without leaning how to tie a sennit.


@ckeilah: @ckeilah: Yes, 300 lb. test equates to about 150lb. actual weight in real-world tests & recommendations. The whole purpose of having a paracord survival bracelet is performance when it is critically needed. Kinda like buying a $9.95 "survival knife" with all the junk in the handle and then having it fall apart when you try to use it . I won't touch anything less than 500lb. test.


When you need to tie down a tarp in the wind while you are camping, these will do splendidly.
When you need to hang a lantern from a tree, these will be what you want.
Did you want to rappel down a cliff face? Did you want to pull your buddy's four wheeler out of the mud?
Yeah, you're going to need something stronger.

All that being said, they don't say how large these are. As someone with a 9 inch wrist, I doubt they'd fit me to begin with.
Not to mention, they'd probably send me the pink one and the electric blue one. Neither of which I'd even use, let alone wear.


I used these directions to make my own. It's really not that hard, and you get to use high-quality paracord in whatever color you like since you pick it out yourself.


every time i see someone wearing one of these I think to myself "what a hipster fgt"


@katanaryda: I'd bet all the guys around here that wear them when they are out hunting would LOVE for you to call them that!


@kmeltzer: Yeah....or all the Army Rangers and SF guys you see with with them.


@dazoneranger: Its not clear if these are 300 Lb each or combined (2 Pack). Good thing it's FREE Shipping!!


If you want to pick a color, this guy on Amazon will sell you one of the 550lb weight cord bracelets for 50 cents more than getting two random colors at 300lb. It looks like you can even specify wrist size.

Or you can just order the cord and buckles on Amazon like I'm doing after seeing this deal.


@katanaryda: I have to agree with ya. Marine here, and these things are f'ing retarded. It's actually hard for me to think of anything you need LESS in a survival situation than a bunch of line. Do the people who wear these also have flotation devices, bear whistles, and snake bite kits on their EDC lists?


just got mine they say 550 test right on label!