dealskeurig k-cups - as low as $.42/each for $0.42…


You have to wait until you checkout and go to the third page, entering credit card info, before it will allow you to enter the coupon codes.


Shop through ebates (or fatwallet cashback, they produce the same amount) through an additional 3% CB, or ShopDiscover (after logging in to discovercard) for 5% CB.

Discover link:


Not bad. Three 18-ct boxes of Pumpkin Spice for $23.98 including shipping. I'll take .44 cent a cup anyday!


I don't mind the 61 cents per cup for box and 68 cents for the five cup sample that I get from keurig's site. I don't feel like having some old clearance coffee just to save 20 cents.

Pumpkin spice? Patoo, I spit. You are dead to me.


WOW... never looked at the prices of this stuff. Based on the number of cups you get it makes it equivalent to about a $24.00 lb of coffee. Ouch. I guess Starbucks has really changed the average American's though on how much a cup of coffee should cost.


@bigcheeze: once again though these are on the expensive side. its about convenience as well, and savings. I use my keurig a lot but thats wehn i'm on my way out the door, and brew a cup. I still keep my full pot coffee maker with the good stuff for when i'm staying and drinking 1/2 to a full pot. Its really cut costs at least based on the my k cup i use occasionally but also a cheap way to have all sorts of different flavors on hand too without haveing 10 pounds of coffee open at all times.


I use disposable K-Cups sometimes (always have them at home) but also regularly use the manual K-Cup that lets me use whatever ground coffee I want. Saves me money but still have the convenience of brewing a single cup of coffee.

This isn't a bad price for these though, you pay a premium for these in general


These are less expensive at Target. If you purchase on Amazon in bulk packs of fifty, it's even cheaper.


SAVE30 works the 18-25 so i hope they are still around until then


The coupon codes are expired 4/18/12