dealsllap t-shirt for $6.00 + free shipping


I like the shirt but the business gets BBB Business Review rating of an "F".
Personally I use the BBB to help me decide if I want to conduct business with unknown companies such as this. It helps give me a warm fuzzy feeling since I've been burned by fly by night web companies before.


I have ordered from them before, fast shipping and friendly! I was ribbing them about the FL Gators and they gave me the business for it!


Website is down...that's comforting.


@beleuchtung: That's surprising to me. I've only ordered from them a couple of times, but I have no complaints.

There was a problem with my Christmas order, however. I had ordered about a dozen shirts from them (found one for just about everybody in my extended family!) and they accidently DOUBLED the order. I contacted them to let them know and they told me to keep them all. Pretty cool! I found appropriate recipients for most of the shirts, then donated the rest to a local charity.

As I said, no complaints here!


site's working for me. I've ordered 3-5 shirts here before, all of the $6 w/free shipping variety and I've been surprised at the t-shirt quality. not sure if these stack up for the t-shirt snobs (said lovingly!), but for us, we found they were quite soft and didn't shrink in the wash (granted we wash on cold and use medium on the dryer). Anyways, i don't remember exactly how long it's taken to get each shirt, but i definitely don't recall being annoyed by it. pretty happy so far. Just ordered another one a couple days ago. skipping this one as I have no need for an LLAP t-shirt :)


Ordered from these guys numerous times, been very happy with product quality and their professionalism. They switched to the softer feel shirts recently, which is nice because those old Gildan cardboard dealies they used use were just the worst.