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Good deal, but the rebate is a bear!


I have several Logitech Mice and Keyboards. The Unifying Receiver is the bomb. You can use included software to add a keyboard or second mouse. They use a digital tag to ID each added device. But if they are not paired (similar but not the same as Bluetooth pairing) they ignore each other. That allows you to use identical mice and keyboards in the same room without interference.

The range is about 30 feet.

If this has the common Logitech optical mouse pickup, you may see some erratic action. The optical lens and IR source are in a recessed cavity to protect them from scratching. Sometimes dust gets trapped in there. I use these and know to gently blow the accumulated gunk off the lens or clean very gently with a Q-tip.


Unfortunately, the rebate can only be used once per household. I ordered 2 so I put one rebate as the first floor of my house and 2nd as the Second Floor.


Strangely, the price is $11.99 until I add it to my cart, then before checkout jumps up to $19.99. Not sure if the deal expired or it's just Tiger Direct pulling a bait/switch.