dealsultra soft 50" x 60" fleece blankets for $4.49


I do the shelter-donation thing, too. My credit union participates in a Mr. Rodgers Sweater Collection each year; they take warm-wear of any kind, and I usually buy all the inexpensive caps, gloves, and scarves I can find here throughout the year.

On the other hand, though, I'm a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to fleece blankies, and once they get into my house it's hard for me to let them go again. Decisions, decisions.


@magic cave: I know what you mean. It really doesn't get very cold here (and at my age, I rarely get cold anyway), but I just scored one of those Sherpa throws in a mystery box from, er, another site. Everyone here is fighting over it and I have hoarded it away for ME, ME, ME!!

I also seem to have acquired a few snuggies, at least one of the all-in-one things that Woot sold a while back. I REALLY don't need all of this stuff, but I can't seem to part with it. (sigh) Time to pack up a box for the shelter, I guess.


Another idea is to give blankets and throws - old ones are fine - to your local no-kill animal shelter. If it's a well-run shelter, each dog or cat gets their own blankie and they're rotated daily and washed before each use.


@nastyducky: excellent idea! Your name is a lie!!!


Great deal! Just purchased 25 for a blanket drive for the folks on skid row in downtown LA.


i bought 3 of these last time. id say theyre perfect for when you arent really cold but still wantt a blanket. theyre very thin,, but very soft