dealsthe hobbit: blu ray+dvd+ultraviolet combo for $9…


They also have a B1G1 sale on movies listed at 9.99$ so 5$ per BR. Some nice titles too.


I remember last year this time-ish when Walmart had the LoTR trilogy on BluRay with a $5 movie credit to see the Hobbit in theaters for $9.99. I'm 95% sure someone put the price in wrong online for that. I wonder if Walmart still employs them.

Also, does anyone know anything about an extended edition? Is there one/will there be one if not?


There is one, and it's been out for several weeks. Far less additional footage than the LotRs trilogy extended editions, though.


Is there an extended edition coming out of this also like there was LOTR, so if you want that you'd have to buy the movie twice if you get this?


@craig234: Craig, at least read the previous comments before you ask something. The extended edition came out a few weeks ago.


@shawnick6: I attempted the B1G1 but it seems it's only select movies, The Hobbit not included.


Whoever is saying this is the extended addition - you are being either mean or stupid. This is NOT the extended - it is release date March, 2013 - the cover is the wrong cover. For those of you who doubt me I WENT to Best Buy and asked. You will NOT get the extended addition - this is the special edition- extra features but not extended content.


@k2wananb: you are wrong it is not the extended edition - its the special edition- checked with Best Buy


Is this actually the 2 disk dvd and blu ray box? Best buy AND target ($12.00) has the SKU matched with the standard blu ray box. Not the box shown in any of the pictures. Anyone know if this actually IS the blu ray AND dvd copy, even though it does not show that on the box.


@riggs42: I bought this in store before I posted the deal. I would assume the one they are mailing is the same as the one I bought. It has a cardboard sleeve. The case has 3 discs. blu ray, dvd, and special features.

I think I get what the questions is you are asking and I had the same confusion. Before I went to Best Buy I was at Target and saw them selling this for a deal. The tag said blu ray + dvd+ ultra violet but on the case there was nothing confirming the multiple discs. When I went to best Buy the writing indicating the 3 discs was on the card board sleeve which the one at Target didn't have. But when I slid the blu ray case out it was the same as the one at target with out the writing at the top stating the multiple discs. Hope that clears up what you were wondering?