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I would have to guess those people downvoting this don't actually realize what a mechanical keyboard is and that this is a really good price for it. It's a high quality keyboard that will last the better part of a decade if you take care of it, whereas cheap $10 rubber dome keyboards can crap out after a year due to the low quality of the keys.


I agree with thiney49 - I have this keyboard and it's very solid and well built.


The same keyboard on Amazon is $66 with 4 out of 5 stars (15 votes). thiney49 is correct. Many gamers and writers prefer mechanical keyboards because they provide faster response and (depending on the type of switch) tactile feedback. Blue switches are typically louder than others, I believe. Before buying this, you might want to check out the various switches (blue, red, brown, black) to find out which you prefer. In the end, this is definitely one of the cheapest prices you'll find for a mechanical keyboard, though I can't personally speak for its quality.


Mechanical keyboards rock but this one appears to be missing the WASD keys! ;)


The blue switches are great for typing, but so-so for gaming (i dont like them for fps). The price is pretty awesome for any mechanical board though. I find black switches much better for gaming, and again the blues for typing.


This keyboard is alleged to be the same as the iOne Scorpius M10.


I would like to try this. Do you know how the 30 day money back guarantee work? Do they pay for return shipping?

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@thiney49: Or maybe they're downvoting every "deal" because voting now requires a click-through, and vote totals can't be seen on the main deals page. Maybe it's a way of telling the new powers-that-be at woot that they don't appreciate the way this site has gone down the 5h1tter by becoming less and less about the community here, and more and more about treating the community as open wallets.


I have this keyboard. While the description claims 64-key rollover I am not sure that is true because the keyboard won't register left shift, r, and t at the same time. That being said it is a great keyboard for the price.


If you're curious why a mechanical keyboard might be worth it:

Also lists the different types of mechanical keyboards.


I bought this a while ago, and I'm currently using it. I have no complaints. The blue LEDs for num/caps/scroll lock are super bright, but I just unscrewed the case and gave them a once-over with a black marker.

This is a great price for a good board.


I'm typing all day and while I never learned to touch type (very fast) this makes the my typing maybe 20% faster because of the tactile and noise feedback.