dealscoleman 10 person instant cabin tent for $179.00…


10x14 tent on Amazon is sold as an 8 person tent. Not sure why the tent at Target is right for 10-people, but either way, it's a good price. These Instant Tents are awesome for overnight camping trips, new campers, or lazy campers. I have a 4-person tent and it's enough space to get myself a queen size air mattress with bags on the side.

Tent is truly up in a minute or less. Takes longer to stake out the tent than to put it up. I know it's a bit pricy for a tent, but the convenience of it will absolutly pay off after using it a few times. Make sure to buy a rain fly too.


Stay away.. I tried the same tent last year, and there is no way it goes up in one minute. You need two people who know what they are doing to get it set up that quickly.

Plus as mentioned, 10 person or 8 wouldn't matter, because who the heck sleeps side by side, which is the only way you'll fit 8 people in this thing.


I got a 10 person Coleman Instant Tent (not sure if it is this exact model) last year for $100 on clearance at my local target store. Upon setting it up for the first time, I was surprised at how unstable the tent seemed compared to my dome tent. It did get much more stable after staking down the corners and the tie ropes. But do do all that takes much longer than just a minute.

Still a good tent.


I have this exact model. I can raise the tent, by myself in a couple minutes. and I'm by no means trying to hurry. I'm sure with a lot of practice or giving a crap i could shave it down to 60 seconds. but that is just raising the tent. staking it and all the guy wires is another thing. also note it does not come with a rain fly. If you buy this you need to also get the rain fly. All that said. I've been out in this tent and stayed drive though some summer showers with out any trouble.


@ricka182: I can't comment on this size tent in particular, but my 4-person tent is extremely solid. I camped on the beach this year with a constant 20-30mph wind and the only issue I had was trying to keep it in place while staking. I luckily had a helper, but once I had it staked, the wind never messed with it. My neighbor who had one of those shade/party tents that you can stand under had it flipped upside down and the legs buckled. I am happy with my 4-person. I have friends who have been extremely happy with the 6-person tent as well. I would have gone with the 6-person for a little more room, but the price difference at the time prevented me from doing that.