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This is the same price on Amazon right now:

People are hating on it in the reviews, but mostly because of the 3D. Does anyone know if this measures up to the stuff they used to play on the History channel before Ice Road Trucking and American D- I mean Pickers?


Based on past experience, I would not order anything from Walmart for store pick-up. I have never, ever waited less than 30 minutes for store pick-up and my time is worth more than that. Walmart needs to get their act together on store-pickup - it's one of the few things Sears does well and Walmart could learn a lot from them.


@bigelowb: I agree. The only time it worked out for me was on a flash drive that was on sale online, but I still had to wait for service at the store.
One time I ordered site to store and it said it could take a week to get there...I went to the store that night and there was some already on the shelf so I bought it. (needed it ASAP) I couldn't cancel the site to store online order as it was already in progress. Days later, I get an email saying my item came in. (nevermind they already had some in store days earlier) I go to the store to sort it out. They say I can't even cancel at the pickup counter, but I have to take it up front to customer service and get refunded. What a pain.
How hard would it have been to have an associate go to the floor and pickup the item to reserve it for me in the first place? Why require the item to be shipped to store when they already had some? Possibly an issue with the inventory system I guess.


At my local Wal Mart the site-to-store desk is also the layaway desk. I will never again go to pick something up before Christmas.


Picked up a DVD there today that I ordered, my time at the pickup desk was less than 4 minutes. Most I've ever waited was about 8-9 minutes. Have had no problems and would order again without hesitation


@nanaejt: ive ordered numerous wal mart items online to b e picked up at the store.....NEVER had to wait more than 3-5 minutes .mostl for the employee to find the ordered item....maybe its just varies by location im out in california.

Im very satisfied with store pick up items