deals[amazon] $75 worth of fantasy & sci-fi books for…


I just see some dude's list.


@stile99: It's an Amazon list of the books that have reduced their prices to $1


"A list of great lesser known sci-fi and fantasy books by independent authors."


I have a question for you guys. Rather than link to my personal site I created an Amazon list containing all of the books that are part of this group promotion. All of them regularly cost more than $.99 and temporarily dropped their price and no affiliate tags were included.

I've seen deals for single books that are temporarily discounted at Amazon get plenty of love around here, so what is it about this deal of 18 discounted books that garnered the downvotes?


@ctarwater: I know I'm kind of late to the party (many of the selections have returned to their previous prices), but part of the problem could be that your description is misleading. "$75 worth of books for $1" sound like you can get all the books for a TOTAL of $1.