deals60% off tools at sears outlet


The neares Sears Outlet is 3 hours away? So much for saving anything.


What's the point? This is the 3rd time I've seen a discount coupon offered by Sears on this site. None of them have been redeemable. I use to believe in Sears/Craftsmen tools. Now there are many others offering the same or better unlimited lifetime warranty. Also, Sears is now a limited lifetime warranty depending on the customer service clerk's opinion. Previously, you could bring back a tool you found rusted or broken and they would quickly replace it. That's when it was worth buying.


I love Sears Outlet. I'm fortunate enough to have two within a reasonable distance. Thanks for the link - looks like I can get a few more sockets to broaden my collection and some spares of the popular ones.


Great deals if I want to drive 1000 miles...


Dig to the end, there are some 50 piece sets for the same price as some of the basic sets. Nothing really of interest though, it's all sockets and wrenches, and one torque wrench.


Just a note to those having trouble trying to find this deal, now that I have visited the Sears Outlet site the sale ad is constantly popping up in the ads on the right side of Deals Woot pages.


@twstrchk: True. That is a good deal. Shipping isn't bad at just $6.25.

There are some good deals on impact sockets and large size sockets.


torque wrench pretty good price - 1/2"


Sockets on sale, but that's about it.
Nearest store to me is 120 miles...


I'm seeing 50 products on this sale. I just navigated to sears outlet and then clicked the ad on the front page...
EDIT if you are in the market for sockets, socket sets, or open ended wrenches then this sale is for you. Otherwise you'll be dissappointed.


On the left side of the page towards the bottom is a link for tools, when I click on it, I get another page where it shows in an ad that they sell the tools at 60% off retail, then I had to click on that link to see what it was they have for 60% off.


It must be a joke, no items!


Looks like this takes you there.

EDIT: Just tried it and it DOESN'T take you there...sorry. Click on the Sears Outlet icon, then click Tools and Tool Storage, and then a photo link to the 60% sale will be on the linked page.

Convoluted, but true!


Right, no inventory. I've clicked on the Sears deal on Woot four or five times, and most of the time, the link leads me to a differetent item, no item at all, or the advertised item at a higher price.


Too bad the 60% off only applies to the available inventory....which is empty at the moment.