dealsrocksmith (ps3/xbox) for $49.99 + free shipping


Great game! I bought it for $80 a couple of weeks after it came out.

I've been playing the guitar for 2 years and the difficultly increases depending on how well you score. If you're interested in learning to play the guitar, you'll enjoy this. If you already know the game, and want to just enjoy a Rockband experience using a real guitar, this game is for you!


They both show as currently unavailable online on the website. You'll have to go into the store to get the deal.


Perhaps now. But at the time, although the website was slow - my order went through fine. Condolences...


Got mine last night just before posting the deal. Had to act fast!

But, call your local store and see if they have them, or maybe would honor the price if you paid for it today and they give you a copy when it comes in (doesn't hurt to ask).