dealszmodo 19" lcd monitor with built-in 8 channel dvr…


camera info:

1/4" Color Image Sensor
480 TV Lines, Horizontal
3.6mm Lens
Signal: NTSC
IR Irradiation Distance: up to 30ft
Weatherproof: Yes
Video Connector: BNC
Power Connector: RCA 12V DC
Mount: Ceiling or Wall


You can get this system for $156.00 on Ebay, like I did! This one does not have a HDD, and neither did the one I got on Ebay. This is another NO DEAL! Check EBAY first! Then buy an external HDD, and rip the drive from the enclosure and use it in the unit, which is what I did! I got a 1TB EXT for $69.97 on sale at Best Buy, and used the drive inside the DVR, works great!


i would like to see this deal you are talking about for 156 i looked and its 500 something


@powerslave: where did you see this on ebay for that price you are talking about do you have a link