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It is free to buy with no prime membership right now. I just did it.


I wish I could be in for one. My Kindle just stopped working of its own accord (faulty screen). I'd heard stories of customer support being helpful, even if you're a tiny bit past the full warranty, but I found no such help. They offered me a refurbished one for nearly the cost of a new one! Time to switch to an iPad, I think...


@dmaz: You can still read it online, and you can buy it now for whatever device you get in the future.

Unless you really just wanted to complain about your Kindle woes and not really discuss this book.


@dmaz: Just install the Kindle app on your computer. I rarely use my Kindle itself, but I store tons of books in my Cloud and read them from whatever computer I am using.

On a note more pertinent to this deal post, as a representative of Cajun cooks down in South Louisiana, I want to check this out and post a review when I get a chance. (Wow, that sounded more pompous than I intended!)