dealssoftsoap 7-1/2 oz. liquid hand soap for $1.00


I'm pretty sure this is the regular retail price - I have that exact bottle in that exact size, and I got it for a dollar at CVS.


@kawatan: Don't know why you would be downvoted when everything you said is true. I just got back from walmart and it was 97 cents.

That doesn't mean its not a good deal, you can just find it for that price at some other stores


I just saw the same deal at Target yesterday. There must be a national glut of Softsoap.


Why is this posted? Slow day on the internet?!


@lastebb: one might draw the conclusion that this deal could turn a slow day on the internet into an exciting day on the least for 5-10 minutes.


Move along now, no deal to see here. Everyday price of $5.88 for a case of 6 from --


shoul b cheaper for a good deal...