dealsnew 16gb scroll touch nano 4th gen mp3-4 player…


The knock-offs do not function anything like an iPod. Very clunky, buggy interfaces are the norm. Not sure if the touchscreen improves things much, but good luck selecting a specific track off an album with the D-Pad.


love when the knockoffs include apple/ipod buzzwords in their names...
"touch" & "nano"


are they any good? sync & play music?


This post's title is exactly the same as title, except the brand name DCX is specifically excluded (on dailysteals' site it's the 2nd word).

It's bad enough to have deceptive products, but here is trying to be clear and this poster, for no good reason that I can think of, specifically removes the 3 letters that'd save everybody a lot of time.

Weak sauce.