dealsi am legend [blu-ray] for $7.99


Best. Will Smith. Movie. Of. All. Time. Of All Time!! Independence Day is a close 2nd.


Good movie, showed Big Willies acting chops. Enemy of the State, runs a close second for me.


One of the best movies to come out in my lifetime, ( age 20 )
in for 1


Good mivie. I want to whatch it.


This movie has a couple of excellent moments in Bluray too. When you see the opening shot of NYC and following sequence, it's truly spectacular.


It's a great book, and I am hopeful that a good movie will be made of it some day.


one of the few great zombie movies it just sucks that I have not heard talk of making a sequel yet!


I strongly, and I mean STRONGLY, recommend you find and view the alternate ending for this film (I saw it on YouTube a while back).

It changes a great deal of the tone of the movie and shifts your thinking about the "zombies" and how much of their humanity remains.


@i1patrick: I completely agree. The alternate ending is the one that was actually in the book and it's way, WAY better. It's completely different and incomparably better.


Or, you can buy "The Omega Man" on Blu-Ray for another $4-6 and see how the story originally played out. FYI, you can also find the "I Am Legend/Omega Man" Blu-Ray double feature for $15-18-ish.


@djenkins1982: Sorry. It was done to me once and I had to pass it on so I didn't feel so bad about falling for it myself


Actually, to see the book done right, check out Vincent Price's "Last Man on Earth", with script actually by author Richard Matheson (using the name Logan Swanson).
I've read about the original ending, which is much closer to the book than what was released into theatres. The theatrical ending really just ruins this movies.


This movie was okay, but had they stuck to the books storyline it could have been awesome - the movie lost the essential becoming Legend part of the plot.


Agreement with everything that's been said so far. If you haven't seen the alternate ending to this movie, you need to find it. I accidentally wound up with the theatrical release, watched it on the edge of my seat, then exploded in a fit of WTF?! at the end. Fortunately I ran to my computer to catch it on youtube, but it still kinda ruined the moment for me.

Haven't watched the trailer for the sequel but my gut tells me sequels to this type of movie are a disaster waiting to happen.