dealsnintendo 3ds xl - pink, red or blue for $169.99…


Target has the 3DS XL on sale all this week for $159.99. Out of stock for shipping, though. And I was just in my local Sears today, and they had this $169.99 price marked.


it should be noted that in the US the 3DS XL does not come in pink. Only red blue or the recently released pikachu yellow. As such I would be wary for those wanting to order the pink as it might not be the US version and not be compatible with US games.


@seether254: Incorrect.

The pink and white 3DS XL was released in North America over the holidays as a limited edition, first sold online, then briefly through retailers. Just in time for Valentine's Day, when the color pink overruns stores nationwide, Nintendo is bringing the pink 3DS XL back.


Japan now has approximately 500 different colors and editions of the 3DS, Europe has a half dozen, and North America has... 3.


@bri6791: thanks for this! I have the Target card and get an extra 5% off purchases! :)


If your Target is out of stock, I got the Pikachu at Walmart ($159.99). They price-matched the Target ad from my phone without question.


Or, you could just buy a skin, which makes them way freaking cooler in my opinion.

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