deals50-packs of assorted bulldog hardware fasteners…


Fine if you want lots of plastic bags of screws, but you could do a lot better buying in bulk from your local hardware or building supply store.


@brossow: If I'm looking 1,000 deck screws or whatever, I would definitely be better off buying in bulk.

However, this seems to cover a wide spectrum of uses. I'm always looking for a screw or two and hate having to run to the store.

I'm in for one.


@ewaz: Once a year I go to the local hardware store and buy a variety of screws, bolts, washers and nuts. I get several pounds of fasteners in a variety of hand-picked sizes I know I'll be likely to use (look at the list -- who needs that many small machine screws on hand, especially without the nuts to go with them?) for a fraction of this price. It's exceedingly rare that I ever need to make a special trip to the store for a fastener, and I don't have a million (okay, 50) little half-used plastic bags sitting around.

For what you'd pay for this random variety, you could support your local economy (stores that sell in bulk are likely to be locally owned) and buy the same fasteners (or better yet, ones you actually want) in bulk plus a variety of storage bins to keep them in. I'm sorry, but 60 cents each for tiny bags of screws is NOT a deal.

As an aside, I'm not seeing a "wide spectrum." I see wood and metal screws, machine screws without nuts, and some washers. Not much variety.


Agreed- retail on some of those is between 60 cents and 99 cents so not really a deal.
I have a large hardware assortment but I always seem to need something I don;t have so when I have to go buy a nut, screw, etc, I buy more than one (individual screws/nuts are mostly under 15 cents each) and put the extra in the sorter (multi drawer multi compartment thingy) or if it's specific to something I am likely to need the extra for again I put it with the item or related- like in the glove box if it's car related.

You can do better on a multi item assortment from a home improvement store, or Harbor Freight. Sorry guys, not this time.