dealsup to 50% off ecosmart led 4pks


50% off Retail Price = Regular Price = Down Vote


Do they really think people are going to pay $100+, for a light bulb, making this look like a great deal?


The price of LED bulbs get cheaper every month. Considering you can buy a compact florescent bulb at a fraction of the cost, I'd pass on these unless you just have to show off your bulbs.


@metzger13: Agreed, the price premium for LED's isn't worth it except for special cases. LED's tend to handle dimming better than CFL's, so I use LED's in dimmable fixtures.

Also, the long lifetime can make them more attractive in hard-to-change lights, I have a light high on a wall over a stairwell and I have to set up a big folding ladder to reach it. I replaced it with an LED so I should never have to replace it again. At 2 hours/day, its 25,000 hour lifetime means it should last around 35 years.

But in general, I use CFLs - $2/each is a lot better than $15/each for LED's. And when the $2 CFL's burn out in 5 or 10 years, LED's will be cheaper and better.


Bit of a head scratcher really.

Am I missing something here? Surely they can't sell many at this price? It would take decades to make a saving.


@theco2: it's a 4 pack. Still too much but not so bad.


They are better than CFLs in certain applications:
1) They dim much better than CFLs. Only some CFL bulbs are dimmable, and even those don't work very well.
2) In some applications (like PARs) the CFLs that I have exhibit a significant warm up period: they start out somewhat dim then slowly (over a few minutes) come up to their full brightness. LEDs come up instantly.

3) The color temperature of the LEDs is more pleasing to some people than CFL. The LEDs seem (to my eyes) to be generally bluer, less green than the CFLs

For all these reasons, over the past year I've replaced all the incandescent PAR lights in the ceiling of the kitchen and hallway with LED. I'm very happy with the result: they save money, create less heat, and I don't have to worry about changing them (they are all a PITA to change).


"Sometimes the interests of the planet and your budget align"

That's downright false advertising. We'll all be DEAD before the electricity savings payback on a $50-70 bulb vs a $2 CFL!

Pretty much the same result even if they are 4-packs. Don't be a tree-hugger trophy sucker. (Prius owners?) Wait a few months until the utility companies are subsiding them and the volume manufacturing cranks up.


I've begrugingly switched over to CFLs where possible over the last 5 years, but I hate them. First of all I could not put them in anything with a dimmer (and we have a lot of dimmers) because even dimmable CFLs don't dim, it just means they won't burst into flame if you try. Secondly, I can't stand the warm-up time. We have them in our master bath, and when you flip the switch, it's like someone turned on a night light. 5 minutes later, and it's blindingly bright in there.

The LEDs we've tried have been perfect - dim, look, and behave just like the old incandescents. But I'm not going to pay $50 a bulb either... the price is coming down. I've bought a number of LED bulbs for $10-$15 a bulb and that's worth it to me.

The Cree brand ones at HD are pretty good. You can get a 60-watt equivalent that looks just like a standard incandescent bulb for about $12.


I didn't know Joseph A Bank also sold LED bulbs...


$80 for a lightbulb? Am I on Candid Camera?


The only LED lights I have in my house are two floodlights out back. I originally put in CFLs to save energy but they didn't run at full brightness right away.


I have bought two LED light and that is for my 9yo daughter's room. I know that at some point she or one of her friends will knock over the lamp and I figured that LEDs might be able to withstand the fall and I didn't want the little bit of mercury in the air if they broke a CFL. Bought them from Ikea.


The prices are actually pretty much in-line with competitive LED bulbs. On a technical note, one issue which kept me from buying the MR16 bulb (price, curiously wasn't the issue) was that the face of it protrudes slightly beyond the mounting lip of the MR16, which means that it wouldn't fit in any of my various MR-16 track light fixtures. I went with Philips LED instead, which cost about $30 apiece also from Home Depot, and which both work and fit great.