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Why is it when try and see anything about this product it ,it want you to make an account with them.that's not right.How are you suppose to review an item without making an account?


Check out It was designed specifically for stuff like this. Just remember that if you want to actually order, to log out first and make your own account. is a throwaway email remailer that I've used for years, too, you can create as many addresses as you want, and they forward to your 'real' address. Start getting spam? Delete the address. It's a pay thing, tho. But worth it for me...


I was very intrested and wanted to learn more if the package had all the pieces I want I was prepared to buy. Just don't have the energy to sign up for one more account just to look. I'll pass.


I have to make a mention of this, the "brushed microfiber" sheets that 1saleaday sells are 100% polyester, are really thin, and really uncomfortable. They alway advertise that they retail for $200+ but they are barely worth the $20-30 they charge. Seriously I had to thow them out after one very restless and sweaty night with them.
Their site does not allow for comments or ratings so there is no way to get feedback. And just to be clear I order other things from them on a pretty regular basis, since their deals are usually pretty good, but I hate how they inflate the "retail price" so much and their long shipping times.


I second privateerx1. I purchased this same set about 3 months ago. First off, it took almost 2 weeks for it to ship and no one at was able to provide any information about the delay or an eta as to when it would ship. When it finally did ship, the tracking number sent me was for someone else's order. Needless to say, that wasn't very helpful.
When the set finally came in, I was less than thrilled by the super shoddy material. Within 2 weeks (of waiting for another comforter to arrive from Amazon), this comforter had completely separated along all 4-sides, allowing full access to the sub-par filling inside. It was thrown out soon after.
Save your money and order from Amazon or better yet, go to Target.


@privateerx1: Aren't all retail price inflate all the way to the moon?

But thanks for the caution. For things like this I stick with the local store. Make sure it's what I want and not throw away $30. :D


That is one fugly looking set


I will never do business with this company again. I purchased some bed sheets on the 12th of January and, as of, the 27th of February, still have not received them. Twice they sent me emails saying the sheets shipped; and twice they've told me there was a shipping problem and they should be shipping soon. They won't refund my money or, now, even return my emails.