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I still love Roller Coaster Tycoon. My boys love creating their very own roller coasters and crashing them (should I be worried?).


@theoneill555: I would not worry, I do something way worse when bored, I drown a whole park full of people. I have a park that is all finished and full. I create one way signs to herd all the people onto a bridge with water under it. It goes much faster if you close the park, rides and shops. So if you look at my ascii below (not sure how well it turns out on deals. The underline is the path. The arrows represent one way signs the eights represent all the people in the park. I then delete the bridge below them and drown all the people.

__->| 888888 |<-___

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 is the best one! 1 was OK, 2 was perfect, and 3 was a flop.
This is a no brainer for 4 bucks!


This post just reminded me of this game's existence.

Damn you...damn you to Hell.


@caffeine_dude: :-) I thought I was bad because I would not allow them to exit the park and my boys showed me that you could spy on the them while they were in the bathroom.


Oh no, it's only for Windows! I have tears...


@theoneill555: One strategy is to make them leave the park in the last couple months of the first year. Think entrance ticket only maps. But you need the signs to herd them out when you close it all up. If you do not do this you have people who paid in the first year still there in the second year.