dealsblack diamond accent pendants from $9.99: over 35…


Anybody bought from these guys before? Is it a good company? Product quality?


@hopec12: It's the same crew as 1SaleADay and Ben's Outlet. I only know of one person who's had issues w/ them. I NEVER have and I've ordered quite a few things from them. Not the speediest shipping. Usually 5-7 days to ship.


Naturally the one I wanted was sold out :(


I bought one and the black came off onto my skin. I buffed it thinking it was left over residue from making it. The black rubbed off. Now it's a dull gray. Also the clasp on the chain does not work well. It doesn't spring into place like it's supposed to. I could have done much better buying from Clairs. Or maybe a bubble gum machine.


@kellieconatser: Hi! We apologize you seem to have received a defective product. Please email customer service (and reference this Woot comment) so you can have your pendant replaced. The black should not be rubbing on to your skin.

At, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. If anyone has any issues with an order that was placed, please contact customer service and we would be glad to assist you!

Have a sparkling day!

-The Shadora Team


I bought a penguin, and had the same problem with the black rubbing off. now it just looks grey.