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@belyndag: Because my mobility issues are worsening, I researched these when they were last available, and I decided not to purchase one when I saw the specs: Seat Depth: 14”, Seat Width: 12” (!!!)

Can you give me some indication of whether this is accurate? How many adults can actually fit their fannies into a 12" wide seat? Even the accurately maligned airline seats are generally at least 17" wide.


@belyndag: As a follow-up, the same company has a similar item by a different manufacturer, with a seat size of 14" W x 13.5" D. Do you know which of the two you bought your mom?


@magic cave: I just double checked my order history on that site and see that the one I bought for my Mom was the Walkabout Lite Rollator Rolling Walker RJ4300. (Be sure to use Coupon Code LOYAL5 to get 5% off! Brought the price down to $56.99 for me.)

My Mother is, well, plump. Er, more than plump. At 5'4" she tops 200lbs. (I am sooooo trying not to go there. It helps that I'm 5'8"!) She fits into the one I gave her. It's not quite the same as sitting in her wide recliner, but it is adequate for quick rest breaks while walking through the grocery store.

One interesting thing about the dimensions on this on is that the site shows it is deeper than it is wide. I think that information is backwards. Every one of these I have ever seen is wider than deep.

I hope this helps! I am currently sitting with an ice pack on a sprained ankle and so wish I had one with me!


@belyndag: Thanks for the additional info. For what it's worth in terms of tactfully describing your mom, as a result of arthritis in my back, both hips, one knee, and one shoulder, my mobility is reduced and most exercise is impossible for me, so I'm heavier than your mom.

The seat dimensions look reversed to me, too, but it seems odd they'd be reversed for both/different companies. Stuff happens, though.

Sprained ankle, hmm? My sympathies to you; it's been an odd year for both of us. I still have the boot and crutches from my broken leg, sort of like talismans that I won't ever need them again. Hope you recover soon!


@magic cave: My Mom's mobility has become significantly impaired in recent years, as well. In addition to diabetic neuropathy and several small strokes, she struggles with spinal stenosis which frequently makes it difficult/impossible to lift a foot off of the floor more than a couple of inches. It would be prohibitive to retrofit her bathroom with a walk-in tub, so we are trying to persuade her that it's time to move, but she is fighting us every step of the way. I thought she would fight me over the walker, but she seems happy with it.

In a cruel twist of fate, I am in Biloxi with DH for a Wooden Boat Festival and had to pay full price (about $100!) for one of these yesterday! Severe sprain and torn ligaments in my right ankle, crutches left bruises under my arms, and a cane wasn't enough! Couldn't locate a rental scooter or wheelchair, and the walker I bought Mom is about 300 miles away. Argh! Breaks my heart to pay $100 for one of these!