dealsprometheus 24-hour rental for $0.99


If you have been waiting to see this movie...keep your expectations in check. Had the potential to be so much more (simpleton 1960's era script), yet amazing visually (hmmm, not sure how it translates to a small screen...).


Agreed, it was very disappointing. Visually amazing, but the story, the characters and the general flow of everything were just way off.


This is no deal, $0.99 everyday at Redbox.


@thudelson: Not true...

You have to find a redbox that has the movie for one. Second a DVD costs $1.20 per day, while a blu-ray costs $1.70 per day. So, for a rental, $0.99 is about the best your are going to get and through Amazon, you don't have to waste the gas to drive to the redbox.


This movie has at least $0.99 worth of entertainment value.


So whose leg do you have to hump to get ir for $0.99. Amazon says it's $3.99.


I enjoy online rental, especially since I don't have to drive in the ice and rain to pickup and return.