deals80% off black-ops combo: waterproof case, torch…


I received this lighter for free in a cigar package some time last year. It has been working flawless ever since. A fill lasts around 3 weeks to a month and the flame is adjustable. As far as the other items, no idea. But the lighter, is definitely aces.


List price $115? What a joke.. They sell the lighter and knife at $10 each and the case, which is a generic labeled would fetch 12 to 15, as i have it. However a good combo with the knife, but order with cigars and you can get the lighter for free as i did with cigar purchases. Lighter still works great, plastic locking mechanism broke though on the cigar holder case, still holds with other one though. Know nothing about about the knife other than it is a knife. Happy purchasing, decent deal, but it is talked up a lot


If that case was large enough for a semi-auto, I'd bite. But look at the picture on their site of the knife in the box. That knife is only 3" long closed.


Putting Black-Ops on anything makes it an instant must have.


Great store to deal with. Awesome stuff. With they could offer some deals without the $6.99 shipping. Even though with the shipping, still a great price.


what size is the box? Would Back Woods Cigars fit in there?


I have a couple of their lighters as freebies too.
I had some problems getting them to function reliably, and was told by the vendor not to use Ronson butane. I'm not sure why, but I guess things may vary from brand to brand in purity or something.
Amazon seems to list slightly more expensive triple refined stuff.

My lighters were both triple jet, and when lit are ludicrously powerful, but they don't last long.
Turning them down to accentuate the length of time between fills seemed to result in them not lighting at all, so it was an all or nothing kinda thing.

Still...They were free, and I was advised to use a better brand of fuel, which I still haven't gotten around to trying.