dealssteampunk style pierced earrings with gears…


Steampunk is the lamest....I truly do not understand the appeal at all




Steampunk to me is pretty much just renaissance fair nostalgia but for the Victorian era. Throw some brass tubes, gears and goggles onto pretty much anything and you're steampunk.

It can be cool in small doses, and some of the art is pretty cool but it's kind of hard to remember the good things when people who look like Tim Burton inspired clowns are running around screaming weird catch phrases.


I hope this rounds up enough dweebs to be of "titanic" proportions


the only thing worse than steampunk itself are the people who create and consume items such as these, which have absolutely nothing to do with the silly "subculture" beyond the label on the package


rather than commenting on steampunk, i will just say i'm surprised to see steampunk stuff that's acceptable in public from that website.


The original steampunk concept is civilization minus electrification.
Whether you use steam, air, hydraulics, whatever.

But, part of our culture is to make a buck on anything; especially if we can lie, cheat, steal or copy.
So you can have a pretend steampunk item by dressing a normal thing up (ie, I saw a LED screen frame, basically a picture frame made of wood, with brass trash bolted to it, for $299) with mechanical bling, and pretend that you are "with it". It degenerates down to slapping on a piece of worthless bling just for the "ooh shiny" factor. And then to this- simply fashion.

Wear these, do it ninja gangnam style in your high heel platforms, walking in your tube dress and spray on pink hair, and be proud of your dam self!