dealscraftsman 100-pc accessory kit for $19.99


Really no big deal. It's all screwdriver bits. Sets like these are $20 and under everywhere.

Took me 10 seconds to find. Plenty of 50-60 pc sets for ~$15 too. How many square headed bits does one person need?


You are saying that $19.99 for this CRAFTSMAN set is not really a deal?

I am not comparing it to Ryobi, Home Depot, Lowes, etc...

This deal is for a CRAFTSMAN set of accessories, and for this brand I consider this a deal.

If you can find a better price for this specific CRAFTSMAN set within 10 seconds, please post a link. :-)


Pardon me for insulting your killer deal on some tools you think are a god send. Craftsman is dime a dozen stuff these days man. It's absolutely NO better than the Lowes/Home Depot brand. And all carry the same warranty. Sorry to rain on your parade, but its what the brand has become.


Firebirdude, don't worry... I'm not taking it an insult your opinion of this deal.
Everyone has an opinion.

It's just your opinion is about the quality and price of other brands vs Craftsman, and not about the deal for this Craftsman set.

This deal is for the Craftsman 100 piece accessories.

It is not for a Lowes accessory set,
It is not for a Ryobi accessory set.
It is not for a Home Depot accessory set.

It is for a Craftsman accessory set. That's all that you need to know.

Unnecessary comparisons to other items does not negate the fact that this is a good deal for the Craftsman accessory set.

I appreciate your comments as readers will realize by now that I'm talking about Craftsman tools.

Have a good day!


I bought this set at Kmart around Christmas this year when they were on sale for $15 it is a nice set has about every bit you will need. and the tips don't eat up like a lot of bits ive used before.


Was this ever a $19.99 deal? The Sears site says it is now (0200 25Jul13) a $29.99 deal, and that's no particular bargain.


@ncb1235: I looked at the link last night, probably around 10 or so it and showed 19.99


It's coming up now as 29.99 for me as well...


@jlowrance: A few years ago I would have agreed with you 100%. However every time I walk into Sears I find that more and more CRAFTSMAN tools are made in China or Taiwan. I expect that these are made over there. If these are made in east Asia along with the Home Depot, Lowes, Ryobi, etc... what makes these more valuable? Lowe's and Home Depot both do lifetime exchange on their hand tools as well.


The tools sold at lowes and home depot are made by sears.


@chknchkr: I would have to say that is most likely not the case, as Sears doesn't make many tools any more for themselves. With most of their production having gone to China and Taiwan - and more going there all the time - they arguably are hardly making anything any more. It may be that the Chinese company that makes the Craftsman tools are also stamping for Kobalt (Lowe's) and Husky (Home Depot) but that doesn't mean that Sears is "making" any of those three.