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Pretty good deal. Located in store only, so you have to go off the supplies at hand in the stores, and with only a 1 1/2 weeks till Christmas my guess is supplies will be getting low pretty fast. I was also a tad confused with the discussion of Wii Sports Resort in the description, the Red Wii Bundle doesn't come with WSR so you'll have to go out and buy that anyway if you want it. If the black wii floats your boat more they are also on-sale for the same price:

and comes with Wii Sports Resort instead of New Super Mario Bros Wii. I personally jumped on the $199.99 White Wii bundle with the $50 amazon credit, but it does appear that the sale is no longer running. These are still great alternatives.


Actually, it come with both Wii Sports and the resort, plus the game... I work at Target. And if you have a Target Red Card (debit or credit) then you get 5% off, which means depending where you live little - to no - sales tax. =)


@andrewnwi: It doesn't come with Resort, Just Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. I just opened my box.


K-Mart has a good sale on right now too if you don't mind a gaming coupon instead of instant savings. You get a $50 gaming coupon for a future game or game accessory purchase that prints at the register and also get double points if you have their free reward card. The coupons also work on points cards for making purchases of DLC.


best buy has them for $199 with a $20 giftcard. Target didn't have anymore and the salesman told me that they were limited edition and wouldn't be making anymore. So i went to Best buy and they had plenty!


Walmart threw their hat into this game with $199 but includes $75 Walmart gift card ...I got mine last week on Ebay's deal of the day for $159 (and no tax) :)

though might should have waited.


Just wanted to rub in the fact that I got one of these for $50 on black friday. One of Wal-mart's competitors in my area was selling them for $99, so Wal-mart price matched it and also gave me a $50 gift card that was part of their own in-store promotion on wii consoles (which they had priced at $149 at the time). You could take in the Target add and wal-mart will price match it.


Looks like I am a sucker who purchased a white Wii a long time ago and only got Wii Sports (and I think I paid $250). Nintendo should meet me half way and give me a $25 game credit for being such a loyal customer.