dealshp p7-1417 quad core desktop (refurbished) for…


I have seen it for $400. The graphics card needs to be upgraded.


I bought a refurbished one a month ago with the same specs and at the same price, but a different model # P7-1297C. Before I turned it on, I looked inside the case and found dust on the exhaust fan. Two and a half weeks of running it and the hard drive makes slight clicking sounds indicating it will fail soon. The selling price should be lower to assume the risks of substandard quality control.


IMHO, HP is short for "Horrible Products" PASS....


Do HP make non-refurbished products? Seems like they may be skipping a QC step...


If it weren't for HP's horrible QC and/or making products no one buys, how would Woot have any computers to sell?


I swear, I must have the best luck when it comes to such things? My Toshiba laptop from 2002 is still going strong and viable for today. My Whirlpool washer-dryer combo that has the WORST RATINGS ON PLANET EARTH is still alive and humming. Everything I own lasts forever and ever.

And the HP refurb I bought back in September has brought me nothing but joy.

But then, I take my things apart, I clean them, I perform proper maintenance and keep them properly tuned. So maybe it's not luck after all.


Please sir, May I 'ave some more [cores]?
My laptop is on that quad tip. I demand more from PC's.