dealsphilips sonicare flexcare+ toothbrush model…


This is the top of the line, flagship model electric toothbrush on the market.


I have one of these. Rated very well by Consumer Reports and MSRP is definitely greater. Plus it comes with the UV sanitizer so you don't have to have one of the standalone ones woot sells. ;)


To get this same day for $120 and no shipping do this:

1. Google "dentist near X" without the quotes and replace X with your zip code
2. Call a handful of the dentists that popped up
3. Ask if they carry the Flexcare Plus toothbrush with the UV sanitizer and if they have them to pick up
4. Ask if they have the $10 mail in rebate
5. Drive 5 minutes, pay $130 flat, dentists don't tax, pick up toothbrush, drive home, enjoy
6. Use mail in rebate to get $10 back, as well as register the toothbrush with Phillips to get $29 wort of brushheads. Free.

All while not waiting a week to arrive and saving money :)

P.S all dentists in my area that carried it charged $130 so I guess it's universal.


Had a Sonicare Elite. Liked. Battery got weak after 5 months. Called for service. Was told "batteries aren't warranty items -- they normally wear out". Replied: "Five freakin' months?!???!?"

Called again, a month later. Battery totally doornail-city. Again, got "batteries aren't warranty items -- they normally wear out". Replied: "Six freakin' months?!???!?"

Now own an Oral-B/Bosch. Won't own a rechargeable Philips anything if I can help it.


Funny that. I had the exact opposite experience. My old sonicare has been going strong on battery since 2006 but my oral-b triumph 9900 went flat on battery after about 6 months usage. Warranty service on the Oral-B consisted of having to contact an independently owned service center that acknowledged I owned the Oral-B less than a year and it should be covered under warranty, but that the manufacture date was over a year and out of service, but for $60 + tax I could get a replacement unit. Followup calls to Oral-B Corporate were replied with something along the lines of "are you still talking?"

Considering the price tag associated with the Philips and Oral-B high end models (just the base, not including replacement brushes), it is nearly criminal that the batteries are not user replaceable nor included under a lifetime warranty.


Does anyone have the 800 number for Sonicare customer service? I have had several of them over the past five years die on me and want to see what they will charge to put a new battery in for me.