dealsspecial offer from paypal and green dot moneypak…


HUH? Where's the deal? You can do this any day for $4.95 at countless retailers. Deal??


Click on the link for the special offer for further details.

Essentially, for a limited time only, MoneyPak will deposit an additional $10 into your PayPal account (after you purchase a MoneyPak for up to $4.95) for using the service for the first time (free $$ of up to $5.05).


According to the web site - - it expired 11/14/2010.

update: this is in conflict with the front page, 11/15 to 12/31 blurb.


I personally purchased MoneyPak at Walmart today and paid a $4.64 service fee at checkout, and then followed the instructions and received a confirmation email for the $10.00 bonus to my PayPal account.

When I follow the link I posted, this is at the bottom of the page:

Terms and Conditions: Up to $963,000 will be available as part of the $10 Offer. $10 Offer begins 12:00 am PT on 11/15/10, and ends 11:59 pm PT on 12/31/10 or until the full available amount has been distributed, whichever is sooner. For Offer Terms and Conditions, click here:


@2inamillion: the FAQ page has not been updated, obviously.

it can be a good deal for some people, but one question: is that a one time use card? ie, pay a fee every time you put money into Paypal...?

even though i use Paypal normally i could always enjoy $10 (minus cost of card) extra - i might walk over to Walgreens tomorrow am...