dealssave up to an extra 40% on sale prices


Coupon code isn't working. Only giving 20% off of sale price. Not an extra 40% of the sale price as advertised. No deal here. Either a glitch or false advertising.


I bought an idolpad9 last week on a woot sponsored deal Then it was $79.99 on with an additional LIKEIDOL coupon code for 10% more off. It cost me $71.99 shipped. It works OK if you wanna cruise the Net or play apps. Forget about anything video(including youtube) as it is laggy and pixelated. A good buy if you want a book reader. Even if you go to the "Special Offers" tab the lowest price now with any code is $79.99. Apparently they will accept coupon codes, but the math doesn't add up.


I was going to buy this last week as well, but when I went out and read the reviews, I stopped. Many reviewers (5 that I read) have problems with bootup of this tablet a couple weeks after receiving it. They love it at first, but then can't get it to work at all. Customer service was not good. It stopped me in my tracks from buying this. I would just caution anyone interested to do their own reading and find out what sort of product this truly is.


@tgall45: Keywords in the sale "up to" 40% off. So they can do any number up to that.


An American made tablet at these price points does seem too good to be true. The "Studio Office" appears to have specs very similar to the Asus TF300T (which Woot had up last week); but at half the price. The name makes searching clumsy and confusing, try adding Idolian to make it "Idolian Studio Office". I'm going to have to look more closely at this thing, especially for a review or two somewhere.
No offense, but I would expect a $75 tablet to give me something to read, a slow web site or two, and a tinny sounding array of background music. Sure would like to hear from some folks who have bought the high end devices from Idolian.


There is no such thing as an "American made" tablet although I think Apple is going to open a factory in Austin. AFAIK all tablets are made in Asian countries.

That said, apparently these are sold on Amazon:
so you can see the many reviews there and they are all over the place.


@blueape: Up to x% amount off only works if at least 1 item is at lest x% off. In this particular sale (all three items on the screen when you click the link), the most extra off is only 20% so it should say up to an extra 20% off or just 20% extra off since that is actually what % off all of the offered items are. If you are not going to offer anything at 40% off might as well just say up to 99% off since nothing is really that much off anyway.