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Thank you for posting this. I believe that everyone needs to know about this. However I had to down vote it because I believe that it's absurd for a website to require you to click on a "coupon" in order to get the best possible price on something they sell. The only reason I can think of for this practice is so that they can rip the people that aren't "in the know". Is that any way to treat your customers? I love my Amazon Prime, but I disagree with this practice.


@juan2345678: Do you also disagree with having to clip coupons or be a "member" at certain stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc? If anything, I disagree more with the actual amazon prime than I do the coupons page


In fairness to Amazon, when you go to the product pages of things that have coupons available, they actually tell you right on the page that there's a coupon and you can clip it. You don't have to pick out what you want and then go back and search through the coupons just in case or anything like that.

I'm guessing that the coupon system might be partly a way to get around pricing agreements and price matching issues, since sometimes manufacturers don't want something advertised below a certain price, but they'll let sellers use special discounts to get it down lower anyway, so long as the actual stated price remains at an acceptable level.


@juan2345678: You realize that the person who posted this has nothing to do with the policy of Amazon and thus downvoting him/her is literally the stupidest thing you could do?