deals8 pack of name brand sunglasses - you choose men…


This sounds really tempting but I'm afraid I'll just get a half pound of plastic to add to the landfills...


@jaxidian: I went ahead and ordered. Did one years ago and yes, half of them were given to Goodwill. But the other 4 pairs served me well.


Men's are an extra $3, that would've been nice to know beforehand. Hope the early warning helps you.


Wanted both Men's and Women's. For the Men's they added $3, and shipping for both was $6. Passed.


Without knowing whether or not this is 100% UVA and 100% UVB, no deal. Especially for the kids 'deal'


Well... those are definitiely names of brands.


Just received mine. I had 7 pairs that were Pugs Gear (normally retail for $8.99 each) and 1 that didn't have a brand on it. Looks like Pugs Gear makes a good pair of sunglasses, but I was disappointed that there wasn't more variety.