deals65 piece deluxe grizzly feather hair extension…


Maybe for Halloween. Maybe. Ok. Probably not. But they are interesting.


Check out this gem. A product description of their "Electromagnetic Chaos Eliminator": "TECHNICAL EXPLANATION: This technology includes the practical application of zero point energy and quantum energy theory. Simply stated, an access "door" or "gateway" is placed in the device that allows the sorting of positive life supporting energies from the negative chaos energies. It does this by accessing all organized left electron spin information already in the environment while ignoring any right electron spinning chaos."


@stall: It's totally real man. Don't be a negative nancy.


Was thinking of it but it sounds like none of you think it's worth it? Im not familiar so fill me in a little more please.


when they said "show me the junk in yo trunk", they didn't mean open up that box of crap laying around your warehouse.


@stall: I like the description of water purification on their site better.

"You should not, under any circumstances, drink or shower in unfiltered tap water. Believe it or not, you can absorb more toxins from your daily shower than from your daily water intake. When the hot water turns to steam, the chemicals in the water turn to toxic gases. In addition your skin absorbs these chemicals and puts them right into your bloodstream.

Your body needs water. It is instrumental in flushing toxins, nourishing your body, hydrating your cells and keeping you pH balanced. I recommend drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of filtered, oxygenated water daily.

Looks like the shower head from the cheap motel room down the street. LMAO Only 149.99!!!!


Come all you dads with daughters out there and get them these "Stripper Streaks" so we can pick them out of crowd easier as the dirty skank we got to get wit. "Guys, Guys, Guys, get your dollars ready for Sienna!!!"


Since when did grizzlies sprout feathers? And more importantly, who are the fools they're hiring to pluck the feathers from the bears?