dealsall fmd watches with fossil warranty for $4.99…


Deal seems good, at first glance; I added 2 watches and 2 watch repair kits to my shopping cart; total was $13.00 plus change; shipping was $19.95. I'll pass, unless someone has a promo code for FREE shipping.


Shipping was only $4.99 for a single watch. Still a good deal if you really wanted one of those 5 styles of FMD watches. I like the yellow dial myself.


A quick glance around google showed me that the 'discounts' aren't legitimate and these are cheap watches which we're being told are discounted hugely.


I've had my FMD watch for one week and it's pretty decent. It looks very professional. The band seems to be a cheaper grade metal then a normal say invicta or fossil stainless steel watch. It's holding its time the first couple days and seems pretty durable. I would buy it for the price. You wont get a watch this nice for triple the price at walmart.


I bought the burgi automatic watch ("Burgi Open Heart Collection Skeleton Automatic Movement Crystal Bezel White Leather Strap Ladies' Watch") before.

It looks beautiful, but it's made of very poor quality. The knob used to set the time often came off by itself and I couldn't wind the time forward with it. The watch ran fast adding about 1 min/hour. Also, the watch buckle was very poor quality and after wearing it for about 2 weeks, the clasp had loosened to the extent that the watch would fall off my wrist. I would not recommend to buy from this site unless you absolutely trust the brand.

(Also, perhaps as with other automatic watches, if you don't wear it for a day, it'll die on you and you'd have to


Please be aware these watches are knock-off's and are not actual Fossil or FMD. I purchased one before, and each time this site comes up I post something like this just to let people know that yes you are getting a cheap watch, yes you can expect to get what you are paying for!

Also take note of the additional dials on the's a giant sticker (the whole face) and none of them work!


just need $4.99? why it is so cheap! however i like them very much!!


dude, its only $4.99, did you expect it to be a real quality piece?
you get what you pay for...


@xxxdmx: This is a deal site and Fossil is in the name (very misleading as it is), so yes some people might expect this to be a quality piece. Therefore there is nothing wrong in someone commenting and clearly writing out THESE ARE JUNK if it helps people not get burned.


A few weeks ago I purchased the sport digital model. For $10 w/ shipping it's fine, but it's pretty cheap looking and feeling. It's too early to tell, but I doubt it's going to hold up well. But what do you expect for $10???


do y'all really have to go to the internet to buy cheap watches? I got my son a pretty nice watch rom Walgreen's for $9.99...I'm just saying...think about it.


I'll say this again like I did on the last FMD deal, never buy a piece of jewelry that doesn't tell you what it is made of. They always say "black IP base metal" meaning it is somehow a cheaper metal than 420 stainless... What this tells us is that the paint will definitely wear off quickly and the metal will likely change the color of your skin, you may also get lead poisoning.

But hey, if you want to put some unknown chinese metal with chinese paint on it on your wrist, go for it! (Don't forget that China put lead in the paint they used on name-branded children's toys so you can almost guarantee that these are full of lead)


Bought the yellow faced one a few weeks back, very nice watch for 5 bucks.


@futurev8: Perhaps the watch you ordered had fake dials (there are a lot of cheap dress watches that come with fake or non-functional subdials). I was careful to read the description of the watch before ordering (George by FMD in my case) which states "Three calendar subdials help you keep track of the day of the week, the calendar date, and the 24 hour GMT" sure enough it has all three functioning subdials & it comes in an original George by FMD case with instructions & warranty card. All I can say is that I am impressed with the bang for a buck I got when doing business with them.


Thank you very much to those who posted warnings regarding the poor quality of these watches. What an embarrassing Christmas gift this watch would be!


ha should have read the warnings before I purchased them. Got them and was like "No fossil marks or documents...WTF"

but.....for $5 I cant complain too much as they do actually look nice (cheaply made) but at a glance look like you've dished out some cash.

SOO be wary as they are not Fossil. If you're like me who loses watches or breaks them constantly, then these are nice for the price.

Hopefully they dont leave weird green marks on my wrist


ordered these and as folks have already stated - they are junk. one watch the face is falling off right out of the box and the battery is already dead..but with my 1 year warranty I can have it fixed for $8.95...a dollar less than buying another piece of junk..need to listen to the folks on Woot a little get what you pay for and in this case it is a pile of junk...


Never order from these people. The watch i received fell apart right out of the box. Instead of giving a refund as requested they sent a second watch that fell apart as well. I will never do business with them again.


I ordered the FMD Skeleton watch form them. It was a cheap fake. I contacted Fossil about it, and filed a report with them as well as the internet crime reporting agency. When I contacted them via email, they said they do not sell fake or cheap watches, they are 100% genuine watches purchased form large retailers or manufacturers only, which is funny, because you can offer to sell them products via their website's contact us form.