dealsfree phone, no contract, unlimited everything…


Lower price than the major carriers although I wonder how good the service coverage will be. The $40/month plan only includes 250mb high speed data then you get throttled, for $50/month you get 2GB. The free phones are really basic models and all refurbished. They probably provide a basic email interface but not much web browsing capability. From the major carriers T-mobile comes closest with comparable contract free plans (minus the free international texting feature and no included free phone) for about $10 more per month starting at $50/month for 500GB high speed data (talk/text unlimited) or $60 for 2GB.


They use the T-mobile network.
As an MVNO operator that only purchases usage from T-mobile you will NOT get roaming onto AT&T as if you were an actual T-mobile user. You are restricted to purely using T-mobile's network.
Out of the top carriers 4 T-mobile has the poorest coverage area. If it works where you are and you don't need service out in the boonies this is a good deal (Or Ptel is atleast).
As for my experience I use the Real Paygo plan. It does not come with a free phone, but if you are a light phone user it is very cheap. I pay about $5-7 a month. You can grab a carrier unlocked GSM or a carrier locked T-mobile phone off of ebay for cheap and throw the PTel SIM in. If you do not get a T-mobile phone specifically you may get pretty slow data speeds due to the phones being setup for a given carriers network ranges. I personally grabbed a used HTC One S off Ebay for < $200.
My only gripe is I have to be stingy with my mobile web usage of my bill will just up $10-$15 per month.


If these things run off of T-mobiles towers I wouldn't take them for $20 a month. T-mobile has the worst reception and is the most terrible company I have ever dealt with in my 32 years on this Earth. Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra to get a phone you can actually use. Doesn't do an good to save money if the product doesn't function as intended.


Hang on there Sparky... FreedomPop is a MUCH BETTER deal than this...$99 for an android HTC smartphone and $10.99 a month using Sprint or in our case, Home wifi WIFI and a FreedomPop MiFi hotspot for $49 and $9.99 a month for 2 gigs. So far, FreedomPop is saving me over $63 a month when I actually had Sprint moto android and a Verizon Mifi hotspot with 5 gigs a month for $50. Verizon is WAY overrated... :o Checkout and see if they can save you some money too! Tell them I sent you and you and I both will get a $10 credit...