dealsplair 2 for $24.99 + $4.99 shipping


This is getting down voted, is it because it's a sponsored "Deal" or because the product isn't good? This is the first I've heard of it and I'm slightly intrigued, but the reviews on Amazon are split.


The reviews for this product are mixed at best. A lot of the Amazon reviews seem....fake. CS is slow as well. Most seem to agree that when it works, it's great. However those times seem few and far between. This sale may mean the PLAir 3 is coming out soon? It's likely going to cost about $50 but I'd wait for it.


@nmchapma: Agreed. Many of the good reviews are not labeled "Amazon verified purchase", and are from people who have either ONLY reviewed this thing or most of their other reviews are verified purchases while this one wasn't. Shady.


My downvote came initially from the boast "So much better than Chromecast." from an upstart I ain't never heard of and ain't never gave no nevermind. Plus there was initially a post in this thread saying how good it was and the poster was "a very recently opened Woot account."

Um, all of that was bolstered by this:


@phillystyle: thanks for the heads-up. As the local news anchor says,"Good to know"


Picture all the shortcomings of the Chromecast then remember they came out of the most powerful company on the planet.

But yeah maybe Plair 2 would be close, lol.


Meh. I unplugged my Chromecast in less than a week. I have a MiiPC, a Sony Google TV, and a Roku hooked up to my TV. Everything Chromecast does, they do better using native apps, plus Chromecast struggles with local files. It will be better someday, but right now it really doesn't deserve one of my HDMI ports.

Also, as someone who used to work for a company ("Internet consultancy") that would supply any number of shills to any company that could afford us (which included everything from ISPs to sporting goods chains -- there were 180 of us at my former employer's peak), none of the six reviews that appeared on the Amazon page seemed fake to me. Depending on our profiles, Amazon may be showing me different reviews than you, of course. And if you've worked for another "consultancy" that had different methods, your "fake-dar" may ping for different reasons.


@phillystyle: WTF! Just because I joined a couple of weeks ago that means I can't say how good a deal is.. you jackass!


from a cnet review: "The Bottom Line Plair 2 is an interesting Chromecast alternative that offers access to the full suite of Android apps, but it's just not reliable enough to recommend."


@james76is: There have been multiple instances where it appears an account was created simply to give fake "testimonials." It is not an unreasonable assumption, given the relative obscurity of this device, your newness, and the deletion of the comment.

Basically, chill out, dude. He said what many were thinking.


@princeendo: I understand questioning the deal but I don't understand attacking another poster. I wasn't the first person to attack. Its natural for me to retaliate when somebody questions my motives.


Can't speak to the reliability of this device but if you are in the market for a streamer nothing beats ROKU for content. They are releasing a new version witha small form factor (similar to chromecast) that is $50, can be controlled via smartphone/tablet but also has a full remote. I have been very happy with their products so far.


@mdcecilio: Yeah but Roku is twice the price and can I buy it today?


@james76is: yeah. we don't like shills. sorry.


@mdcecilio: Roku is the worst POS I have bought in a long time. Purple screen whenever I try to play HD content and it is a known problem that the company will not admit to or fix.


What are we, savages? We have gaming consoles! There is no need for Angry Birds to be near my tv. And "way better than Chromecast"? Liam Neeson finds this arrogance offensive. -1


Hi @James76is

What I wrote wasn't personal and I certainly wouldn't call it and "attack". Besides, if you hadn't written your post insulting me nobody would even know specifically who I was talking about; your original post disappeared - which was also suspicious.

Everybody's account is NEW at one point so posting your opinions isn't a crime and I never said it was. As others have said, sometimes there are shills who post glowing opinions of mediocre products/sellers from accounts that were opened strictly for the purposes of the positive review - not an honest review which is what we all really want to read.

If you keep your eyes open you'll see the shills we're talking about. Sorry I offended you it was not my intention but dude, re - lax...and keep on postin'! :o)


Thanks for the info guys. The most intriguing part of this unit is the full availability of Android apps. There have been any number of devices come and go before it, but the price point on this one is much lower.

You guys read way more into reviews than I do... I kind of appreciate that. I want to love my Chromecast, but as of now it's just a glorified Netflix viewer.