dealsfight club (10th anniversary edition) [blu-ray…


In for one, too good of a movie, too cheap of a price to pass up.


The first rule of fight club is that we never speak of fight club.
The second rule of fight club is that we NEVER speak of fight club.


A must see movie if you haven't yet!


For MEN who like MOVIES!

You girly men can go watch Eat, Pray, Love....

Not a bad movie, but please don't take my man card away!


"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

Tyler Durden is THE MAN!


My last name is Dowden. I named my son Tyler. You do the math.


@smede13: True! I was surprised that this could even be posted without violating those rules!


Ive never made a comment here, but jdmac made me log in just to tell him what an idiot he is. Fight Club is one of the greatest movies ever made.


Relly good price on a great movie. Also has one of the best "easter egg" jokes on the blue-ray versions.


@i1patrick: Wow, that's a lot to live up to.


I find it amazing how a movie where the protagonist is a domestic terrorist could be so popular. But, even so, one of my favorite movies.


@benyust2: That is so true. But it about how society emasculates males. Tyler Durden represents man basic needs to be a "MAN". Men are being told that losing is acceptable, not to be proud to be strong and powerful, and that we should strive to be gender neutral. While Tyler Durden is in the end the extreme example of a man gone too wild. You have to respect his message that you don't have to live up to society's definition of a modern man as a effeminate object that should strive to be more in touch with feminite side. Men, as woman, come in many shapes and sizes. They should be proud of their masculinity. In summary, I AM MAN, HEAR ME ROAR!


Hey, does anyone want to talk about fight club?


@zuiquan: Yeah, it is, but only in an inside-joke sort of way.

Don't know why, but it turned out that naming him what I did was strangely prophetic. He's not even seven years old yet and he already has that "alpha male" personality. He bosses the ten-year-olds in the neighborhood around (including his older brother).

I keep saying he's going to grow up to be either a company CEO or a Marine Corps drill sergeant.