dealsharry potter years 1 - 6 (dvd) each for $5.00


Full-screen only. Wide screen is $8.49


@beelzebubba29: It's ok, I don't need or want to see anymore than what I have to watch simply to stay up to date with pop culture.


Target is surprisingly cheaper than Walmart in most cases, but I saw ALL HP movies (except for 7 part 2) at Walmart for $3.96 each (widescreen). I bought the ones I didn't have yet.


they are $3.96 each at Walmart for the widescreen DVD. Also Walmart has bluray years 1-2 bundled, years 3-4, and years 5-6 bundled for $13.00 per bundle. I picked up all the blue rays and dvds yesterday. I think the sale is going on till December 12th or so.