dealsthe walking dead: assault game for iphone, ipod…


For anyone wondering this does work. I clicked the link, got my code instantly, and then redeemed it on iTunes


Code is only good for the iPhone version. The iPad version is still $2.99.

Even IGN's website says it's for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but I only have an iPad configured on the Apple account I used and it automatically purchased the iPhone version. I had no option to select which version.


Bought the iPad version, but glad to have it on my iPod touch as well!


@joshthegeek: That's strange. For me it automatically downloaded both versions - and I don't even have an Ipad!

vote-for4vote-against gets you right there.

I got the iPad (universal?) version free, the iPhone only version was still $2.99.


Okay, so I downloaded through Chrome and got the iPhone version only, I downloaded through Safari and got the iPad version only. The iPad version is not universal and would not load onto my iPhone.

Both on Mac.


If you can't get the correct version, use the device itself to go to IGN link. I had no problem getting both versions using my iPhone 5 & 1st Gen iPad


Worked for me. Got the iPad version for free. Awesome!!! Thanks!


Got the iphone version. Thanks!!!!